Sony Vegas pro 10 patch problem fixed

This is the sample of the few tutorial that says its necessary to change the first three letters to 1R8 and see they are using Vegas Pro 9.

Its important to remember that during running keygen of Digital Insanity, its necessary to "Run as Administrator" , otherwise the patch will be unsuccessful and the authentication serial number will not be accepted.

I have seen many youtube videos for registration of Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 but what most of them showing is that, they uses a different patch file for patching and again use  Digital Insanity keygen to generate the serial and authentication numbers. Some patch Sony Vegas Pro 10 by using a patch for Sony Vegas Pro 9, its not necessary to do that. So here is the clear information.
1) Disconnect your internet.
2) There is no necessity for another different patch file for patching, Digital Insanity keygen is sufficient for registration.
3)  Remember the word "Run as administrator" while running the Digital Insanity keygen, otherwise the patch and registration will be unsuccessful.
4) There is no necessity to use the serial, patch and authentication of Sony Vegas Pro 9, and no need to change the serial like for example: 1HF-G8VQ-70KK-MZH7 is the serial for Sony Vegas Pro 9, and some youtube users shows that they uses this keygen and change the first 3 letters to "1R8", since the serial for Sony Vegas Pro 10 starts with 1R8, and the serial they uses is like that "1R8-G8VQ-70KK-MZH7". But when I tried that, it unsuccessful. So the bottom-line is that just use the serial, patch and authentication number that was designed for Sony Vegas Pro 10.
5) Its totally safe to use Digital Insanity keygen, don't be afraid of any malware or viruses

       I think this will help you to get Sony Vegas Pro 10

4 Response to "Sony Vegas pro 10 patch problem fixed"

  1. Nayan Mhj. May 24, 2011 at 7:39 AM
    This post has 381 views and I need to know that does this helped you guys or that I could improve next time :) so plzz leave a comment :)
  2. AFIFzulkifli December 31, 2011 at 12:35 AM
    didnt work. error mesage:
    You have entered an invalid serial number for Vegas Pro 10.0.
    Please enter a serial number beginning with 1R8
  3. Nayan Mhj. January 15, 2012 at 5:34 AM
    thanks for reply...
    seriously this works. i did this process for me and my friend too and my sonyvegas is still working now and have no problems yet. You activate its not necessary to enter the serial that starts from 1R8....and no need to change the serial no. also...just enter the serial fro sony vegas pro 10. using digital insanity keygen. Try again...if it doesn't work i will make a video for that.
  4. OJGenco October 24, 2012 at 12:55 AM
    Hi there,
    I did all the steps as you and others explained but it is not working.

    Thanks anyway.

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